In-stores Dilemma

Even at our most popular in-stores coinciding with an artist’s release we now sell very little as people will have already bought from the artist/label (online or at a gig/launch), downloaded or from a VAT dodging online seller. We are now selling less than a quarter of the amount we sold at similar in-stores two years ago. I’m loathe to go down the route others have taken of making people buy to get into an in-store. As well as fans we hope to get people along who may not see the band otherwise and then enjoy it enough to buy something. Certainly when we have a lot of visitors about they regularly buy at in-stores but as with the shop generally selling to fans is what an independent shop is all about and needs to do to survive. 

Collecting for the band’s charity was a useful way round this for the recent Frightened Rabbit in-store but on the whole given the overheads shops face these days we need to create an income one way or another. Thanks to the generosity of Red Dog next door we can always borrow equipment and without them many of our in-stores wouldn’t have been possible. Both the Bwani Junction and Rachel Sermanni in-stores/launches were both extremely successful so it shows it can still be done and both I would hope have seen the benefits arising from a successful in-store. I’m always interested to hear what customers or indeed bands feel is the best way forward.   

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  • Nicki:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind paying for an in store gig, maybe would have to ensure everyone who pays got a decent enough view though, perhaps add a stage? Also perhaps add an interactive side, eg. questions from audience members to the musicians? Edinburgh’s music venues seem to be disappearing so it would be a refreshing addition to have Avalanche records as a live music venue.
    Perhaps seek a sponsor? Local brands/shops even businesses to provide the funding

  • As Edinburgh gradually loses its venues it has already been mentioned several times to me that the shop could become more of a venue but that would add its own not insurmountable complications. We would certainly look at sponsorship as Avalanche has become a worldwide brand and there would be many benefits to the right sponsor both locally and internationally.

  • muptup:

    I can rarely make instores because of work. I would say events I am able to make like say Record Store day hold fond memories for me. I do feel a loyalty to Avalanche from events like that and it definitely influences my music purchasing.

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