Sad to see the Electric Circus finally close its doors this Saturday. I recently had a long chat with Dennis Chester the owner on the state of live music venues in Edinburgh and as you would expect from a man who has been involved over 40 years he had a great perspective on how things had changed over the years and what if anything was the way forward.

The jury is out on whether Edinburgh has too many or too few venues for the number of people who drag themselves from their TV screens to actually go out at night these days but certainly the discussion on the support live music needs will continue as many millions of pounds are poured into sections of the arts far less popular and reaching very fewer people.

I think everybody will wish Dennis well in his retirement and thank all who have helped Electric Circus over the years to be one of the city’s best venues.

It is isn’t good enough for Edinburgh Council to simply say they want to support music in the city centre they have to actively do so and it will be interesting after the elections to see how that manifests itself.