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The Scottish Pop Music Exhibition Centre

As the time approaches to come up with a definitive name for the centre I’ve currently settled on THE SCOTTISH POP MUSIC EXHIBITION CENTRE. Things are by no means done and dusted, in fact far from it, but they will come to a head over the next couple of months so I need to make sure we have a name.

While this may be the overall name I would certainly expect to have a rolling number of exhibitions each with their own name as we had with “The Only Fun In Town”. What can be done will clearly depend on funds and the building but the centre in all its glory would have a shop, a label, distribution for Scottish music, an advice drop-in centre, a venue or instore space, a website promoting Scottish music and possibly the ubiquitous cafe. While this may seem a little ambitious it is actually a response to what has been identified as needed and plans are in an advanced stage on all fronts.

A large part of what the centre would be about would be promoting new music, giving sensible and realistic advice to young bands and encouraging young people to get out to see small gigs but I am incredibly cynical of  the music industry’s targeting of young people to get funding. The idea that some 26 year old comes in for help and is refused because we are in a scheme for 16 to 25 year olds for instance is never going to happen. 

Scottish distribution has long been identified as needed and will be essential if I am to capitalise on interest that has been shown. There are many out there who would like to support Scottish artists but understandably do not want to deal with dozens of different bands and labels. There is overwhelming evidence that if you put good music that is well promoted in front of a good footfall then it will sell. What is needed is a well curated selection of artists old and new.

There are many more people I need to contact who if they choose to will be a great help with future exhibitions but I’m happy that we are now able to comprehensively cover all eras from the early sixties to the modern day. It goes without saying that Avalanche has a worldwide network of shops, labels and individuals that are fans of Scottish bands and will use those connections  to their full potential along with its extensive social media presence.

I have had some very useful expert advice and support for which I am very grateful but funding is a real issue and it is no consolation that I am not alone ! Wonderful as all the above sounds and there is even more good news to follow it will count for nothing if there is no financial support and I have already put more time and money into this than has been sensible. The same determination that got this far is not best suited to getting this project over the line and I am well aware of that. Now is the time for those who can help financially either from a business or a personal perspective to step forward and I’m assured further funding would then follow.

To put this in context the proposed new concert hall’s £10m private investment has attracted £20m council and government investment. One per cent of that would be all it would take to make all the above and more viable. As before my contact email for anybody wanting to know more is