A year on from The Only Fun In Town @ Fruitmarket Gallery

This weekend is exactly a year since the successful Fruitmarket Gallery exhibition and by coincidence just days before the museum’s Rip It Up exhibition starts. Despite lots of interest and some great support from individuals we don’t have an Edinburgh space or any sponsorship. That isn’t to say there has been no interest at all and in fact there is currently interest but firming up that interest is proving the problem.

One thing that will be easier once the museum exhibition is open is to explain how the ScotPop  Centre will be different. There is a lot of talk of making sure that something is in place to take over when Rip It Up finishes at the end of November but to be honest that is too distant a target for me.

It is almost four years since Edinburgh council first offered to help and nothing has come from that despite some very promising meetings. The options are simple, either a building or a space within a building but I’ve never had a firm offer. 

As a courtesy I’m speaking to people this week first and then with the museum exhibition open and having waited a year since the pop-up I’ll make firm decisions. Nobody is more frustrated than myself to be constantly kept hanging on believe me.

Thanks to all those who have helped for their patience.