As the gap between reality and the world marketing, PR and now social media experts inhabit becomes a gulf I’m continuously asked for advice given the success and profile of Avalanche in so many different areas outwith the shop. There are many technical tricks that a good social media consultant can help with and I’m lucky to have several customers who have pointed things out to me from time to time but it is in the end the nitty gritty practicalities of how do I get people to know my band exists, how do I get people to hear my music, how do I get people to buy my music and how do I get people to my band’s gigs that people ultimately want to know the answers to.

When faced with the media it can also seem to very many bands like they are on the outside of a special club and nobody has told them the password. I’m now being asked for help and advice by a variety of organisations which has necessitated that I formally set up a consultancy. At the same time I still wish to help new artists get started and more established artists with a sensible strategy.

I’ll make this a more formal page in due course but for now feel free to get in touch using  



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