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Quickbeam @ Avalanche for Artisan Roast Espresso Session Saturday 28th September

 Avalanche’s best selling local band this year finally play their first shop gig.

quickbeam poster espresso session small

“A Scene In Between’” by Sam Knee


Nowadays Glasgow indie bands look forward to watching super hero movies but in the 80s Glasgow indie bands were superheroes each with their own special power

14/9/13 – Good News !

WH signed tour posters



To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the release of  “Good News” we will have 25 signed tour posters to give away on Saturday morning from 10.30am. First come first served and only one per customer.

If you can’t make it in then you can enter an online draw by emailing with the heading GOOD NEWS and with your name and address in the message. First five to be randomly picked will be sent a signed poster.

We will accept entries up until noon on Sunday.

14/9/09 – 14/9/13 Good News

WH - Good News


No surprise folk didn’t get this given Dan didn’t even realise. Our biggest ever selling album by a local artist “Good News” by Withered Hand was released four years ago on Saturday. To mark the occasion we will have some goodies to give away in the shop and something for those further afield online.

That’s all I can say at the moment mainly as Dan hasn’t finished looking under his bed and down the sofa for suitable mementos.   

Unloveable by Babybird and the short film that inspired its video

This Babybird video directed by Johnny Depp is an all time favourite of mine so I was amazed to find out it was inspired by a short film featured on The Twilight Zone 

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

New stuff from Stephen Jones (Babybird) and Scott of Frightened Rabbit

Two new videos from two of my favourite bands. I wait for the day they cover each other’s songs !