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The Scottish Pop Music Exhibition Centre needs a building !

It has become clear from recent discussions that now we have reached a point where nobody really doubts that the centre is a feasible proposition and that Scottish pop music deseves its place and recognition that the next step is to secure a building. Such was the quality of the items that were on display at the recent Fruitmarket Gallery exhibition that I’ve already agreed to loan items on the owners’ behalf to other museums and galleries for display next year. I already have so many possibilities at my disposal that I can afford to see some items on loan knowing there are equally impressive replacements.

Incredibly there are still many people I need to get in touch with that I know will have their own collections and archives never mind just the odd interesting item but I simply haven’t had time. Reaching this point has only been possible thanks to the help of bands, journalists, photographers and fans and I really am very grateful. 

Several years ago Edinburgh Council vowed to support music in the city centre and it was because of that I looked at spaces in council buildings and in particular their galleries. I was recently reassured this was still a possibility but as I say it is now clear securing a building or in fact just a defined space is now the priority. It helps enormously when trying to raise funds and find sponsors to have a building in mind. At the same time exactly what we will be looking to achieve will be defined by the space there is to work with.

There are still folk who feel that pop music lacks the gravitas of say the visual arts or more highbrow music and while they are in a small minority I don’t underestimate their influence within the arts community. However I’m confident that the interest shown byv other institutions for next year can only help both with getting a building and bringing sponsors on board.