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History of Scottish Music Centre funding

While I was in the Grassmarket I opened the door one day to find a small package that had been put through the letter box. That wasn’t too unusual so I put it on the counter and went about opening up. Fifteen minutes later I got round to opening it only to find £1,500 in £50 notes and a short note saying they had read the blog manifesto and wanted to help. Not only was it indeed a great help but psychologically it was a huge boost that somebody had made such a gesture. I was of course unable to thank them and at the time didn’t want to make a thing of it online but always hoped somehow I’d find out who it was but never did.

It was an incredibly generous gesture and I’m not expecting anything like that again. However if  I’m to continue I am going to need to cover basic costs and as I’ve said before in terms of future official funding showing people have made a contribution no matter how small is a great help. As the cliche goes just the price of a cup of coffee would help a lot. I will of course keep everybody informed of what is being achieved thanks to the donations. I can also provide bank details and I’m very happy to discuss sponsorship.

Those not familiar with the idea behind the centre will find lots more on the blog just scroll down.