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TV21 album on vinyl


I haven’t completely given up on the TV21 album on vinyl. Originally it was twinned with the Scars album but I’m now seeing if there is any way we can still do this on its own. 

Obviously as soon as I know which should be soon I will let everybody know including the band !

Scars vinyl refunds and the CD box set

I’ve almost finished the refunds for the Scars LP on vinyl. A straightforward refund wasn’t possible because of the time that has passed so each one had to be done manually as a gift. PayPal became funny about so many payments calling it suspicious activity so I’ve had to just do a couple at a time. Having said that refunds should be complete soon. I don’t have any further information about the CD box set Cherry Red  had planned but all the extra tracks were cleared with the band a long time ago.

Each refund comes with this message. 

“Sadly we have had to give up on Cherry Red delivering the Scars album on vinyl so we are issuing refunds. I don’t have any explanation beyond them still not having the required licence from Universal despite talks having been originally successfully instigated by Paul Research. I can only apologise but at the time we had the go ahead to pre-sell from both the band and Cherry Red and expected it to coincide with last year’s Rip It Up exhibition.” 



Big Gold Dreams bonus disc


Just a quick update on that bonus disc for the Big Gold Dreams box set. As you may or may not be aware when these things are done they are normally done so without getting clearance. We made the mistake of asking and even with help from Mike of ScotsPostPunk it was taking forever to get replies. 

Mike has now very kindly agreed to  pull this all together and hopes to have something soon. Thanks for your patience.