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Biffy Clyro CD/DVD + tickets treasure hunt

After a lull since we were a clue in a Belle and Sebastian treasure hunt a long time ago we followed up being the first clue in the Frightened Rabbit hunt for tickets for their secret Sing the Greys 5th anniversary gig with today being the first clue in the Biffy Clyro treasure hunt for tickets for tonight cunningly hidden behind one of our Biffy Clyro posters on the wall. It lasted less than two minutes.

The ultimate accolade for Avalanche would of course be to be a clue in a Jeff Mangum treasure hunt though Jeff is probably more a fan of hide and seek having successfully hidden away himself for many years before his recent and much heralded return. I’m warming to the idea of hosting our own Neutral Milk Hotel treasure hunt.

Maybe as a wee bit of entertainment we won’t display copies of the new Last Battle EP tomorrow but simply hide them about the shop.

Withered Hand – Good News in a choice of black or white vinyl

Now on sale in the website shop and should be arriving next week.

Xbox vs Galaxian

Many of you will know that I get a little fucked off from time to time with the endless Rough Trade comparisons but quite amazingly no sooner do I decide to bring in my old Galaxian machine to the shop in time for the Festival than I get a tweet telling me of RT’s plans to dedicate Saturday mornings to family Xbox games. Anyway soon mums and dads will be able to bribe the younger kids with chocolate let the older ones rummage through the posters and treat themselves to a proper computer game at the back of the shop.  I can maybe stretch to a free Caramac for anybody setting a high score !

Darren Hayman Oven Gloves

With Thursday’s Last Battle EP launch all but sold out those yet to decide where to go on Thursday still have a difficult choice between the always entertaining Half Man Half Biscuit at the Liquid Room and the triple header of Darren Hayman ably supported by Gordon Ballboy and Withered Hand at Pilrig Church Hall. We still have tickets for both though I suspect both will sell out on the night even with the potential audience split betwen three gigs !

Withered Hand Vinyl – All Good News Eventually !

Vinyl is being shipped to me this week so I can start taking payments. I will send out emails to all those that have ordered already with costs etc over the next day or so.

Those lovely people at Dan’s US record label Absolutely Kosher have said I can have 30 of the very limited (200) white vinyl copies they are pressing. Most have already been preordered but there are a few left so get your orders in ASAP using the shop email. It’s like Record Store Day all over again only without the queueing. For anybody with a white/coloured vinyl phobia I can get black vinyl too.


Fence Records’ Homegame 2011

Video of Fence Records’ Home Game 2011 by Forest of Black. Music by Kid Canaveral, a cover of King Creosote’s ‘Missionary’ – taken from their limited edition single, on cassette tape / download. Available only with their vinyl LP SHOUTING At Wildlife.

Kid Canaveral info and in-store date change


JULY 5TH: BBC SxSW DOCUMENTARY: Kid Canaveral – alongside Withered Hand and King Creosote – are going to feature in a BBC documentary about their exploits over in Austin, Texas, as part of SxSW – to be broadcast on BBC 2 Scotland on Tuesday, July 5th, at 9pm.

JULY 9TH: T IN THE PARK: As announced on Ally McCraeʼs BBC Introducing show last night, Kid Canaveral are headed to Balado, Kinross to play T in the Park! The band will be performing on the BBC Introducing stage, at 16.15, on the Saturday, July 9th.Fellow Fence Collective members, FOUND, will also be performing – on the Sunday, on the T-Break stage at 15.20.

JULY 15TH: RIVERSWAY FESTIVAL – Kid Canaveral will be appearing live atRiversway Festival, in Preston, as part of a special Fence Records bill – withWithered Hand performing solo, too.

JULY 23RD: AVALANCHE INSTORE – The band will be performing a free gig in Edinburghʼs Avalanche Records shop, and there will be some copies of the LP/CD + single package to purchase, also. Show starts at 6pm.

All info courtesy of the Fence Records website

Avalanche provisional Top 10 for the year so far

I’ll publish the top 50 sellers for the year so far at the weekend but for now here is the provisional Top 10 subject as they say to change.

1.  Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – Everything’s Getting Older

2.  PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

3.  The Savings and Loan – Today I Need Light

4.  Star Wheel Press – Life Cycle Of A Falling Bird

5.  King Creosote and John Hopkins – Diamond Mine

6.  Explosions In The Sky – Take Care Take Care Take Care

7.  Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

8.  Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

9.  Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

10.Kid Canaveral – Shouting At Wildlife

Snapping at Kid Canaveral’s heels are the albums from Found and Radiohead that coincidentally would have easily made the Top 10 if we hadn’t lost so many sales to the bands themselves.

Indian Red Lopez – Empty Your Lungs and Breathe

Ltd Edition CD Digipack now in stock

Comes in high quality weighted digipack form, with an 18 page sleeve-note pullout, containing track lyrics and photos. 

Printed by Key Production, London (Mogwai, The Unwinding Hours, Emma Pollock), with original design & art working by lead vocalist Michael Chang.

Domino Records @ Edinburgh Film Festival

8.30pm – 10.30pm SHADOW SHOWS [Festivalhouse@Teviot – Debating Hall] A non-narrative dream landscape, incorporating techniques of early cinema and shadow play. The original music score and sound effects are performed live by Pram (Domino Records) with Film Ficciones as hidden conspirators behind a giant film screen, occasionally glimpsed as shadowy figures incorporated into its fractured scheme of images, creating a dreamlike illustrated forest landscape into which Shadow Shows invite the audience. (ticketed)

LATE – TEN TRACKS[ Underground Festivalhouse@Teviot] Wrapping up the night will be Den Haan with Ten Tracks

Found will be performing a live version of Machine Age Dancing to a new video at the festival’s Ten Tracks event on 24th June.