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TV21 and Scars vinyl update

Just a quick update on the TV21 and Scars vinyl. While the Scars vinyl had already been approved it later became part of a bigger application to include a three CD box set too. Most of that has been approved by the band but any extra bits need approval from Universal who work more slowly on these things and it has taken longer than expected. None of this would be possible without the help of Cherry Red who deal with everything and they will manufacture the vinyl and then pass it on to myself. Having said that I do have contacts with Universal myself so have emailed them asking if matters can be finalised.

As soon as we hear from Universal we can then see how it fits into the Cherry Red scheduling and I can give out a new date. Logistically it made sense to promote the TV21 and Scars albums together and I have offers for worldwide distribution promoting both albums. Hence the TV21 album has been caught up in the delay. Thankfully everybody who has asked is just pleased these albums are coming out on vinyl and not concerned about any delays. Believe it or not there is a third album under discussion that will make a lot of people very happy indeed but nothing can be said as yet. 

Anybody who has placed an order and not asked already should get an email this week with this update.