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16,000 LPs and 12″s for sale in the shop

The collection covers all genres and while there is more dance than anything else there is still an awful lot that isn’t dance and a lot of the dance stuff are releases and labels that even I recognise.

I’ve already pulled out some jazz, blues and soul for our sections and there are some interesting soundtracks too. Again I’ve already priced up some of the indie stuff like Bjork  but things keep “appearing” all the time.

Rarest finds so far have been a Cure promo limited to 50 and a Pet Shop Boys 2 x 12″ coloured vinyl promo. It is the collection of a BBC producer so as you can imagine there are interesting promos from Madonna to U2. 

About half of the collection has arrived and the vast majority is at the front of the shop either on the floor or on the benches we had the posters. Don’t forget though that some of the best stuff has already been priced and put in the racks though to he honest there are so many goodies that only a fraction have been pulled.

People, Places, Maps – Plans (Official Video)

The band’s drummer came in to see me and was very good about it as I explained how the band had pretty well made every mistake in the book in releasing their album. Sharing the same studio as There Will Be Fireworks they certainly show promise if not being the finished article just yet. After releasing their album the week before Christmas (see what I mean about mistakes) they are going to rerelease it and make it more widely available in shops (now there is an idea). Here is their “official” video whatever that might mean. I assume the net must be flooded with unofficial videos !

Withered Hand – A New Case (Record Store Day 2012)

Another new song from Dan

Star Wheel Press – Betamax Waltz (Digital Confusion)

Star Wheel Press – Michael Jackson’s Son (New Song)

Star Wheel Press – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Cover)

The Last Battle – Regulate (Warren G and Nate Dogg Cover)

Emily Scott – It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock n’ Roll (AC/DC Cover)

I need say no more !

Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy – Love in the Time of Ecstasy (Withered Hand cover)

We set the bar so high with RSD in-stores last year that I honestly thought they couldn’t be beaten but this year’s were certainly their equal. Here’s Gordon from two different angles. May have the two edited together.

Withered Hand – New Song & Cornflake for RSD12 @ Avalanche