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TV21 – Snakes & Ladders

This is the first-ever retrospective of TV21, the acclaimed Scottish post-punk band at the dawn of the 1980s.

Buy it here for £7.99 with free postage

Also available from Avalanche is their recently released album ‘Forever 22′
Buy the CD for £9.99
Buy the LP for £9.99

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Customer Survey

You will all be aware of the trials and tribulations of the music industry and record shops in particular. Avalanche is not immune and it is clear things can not continue as they are. Since Christmas many titles have been available to the public not only online but on the high street at prices substantially less than as an independent we would pay ourselves. The avoidance of VAT by online sellers based in the Channel Islands is well documented and with many students now without a local record shop they arrive in Edinburgh already used to buying their music online. Many of course don’t buy their music at all and acquire it for free via the many channels that are now available. Read the rest of this entry »