Stocking Your Release

So long as you are a Scottish artist or regularly play in Scotland and are prepared to publicise that we are stocking your release then we will stock your release. We will need to have the release at the same time it becomes available from the artist/label and at the same price. We will also need to be given any limited versions that are offered online.

Other frequently asked questions

Do we have to like it ? No. We know what we like and we have a good idea what our customers like  but having said that we get lots of people in the shop looking for different genres so we are always happy to point them in the right direction whether it is “our thing” or not.  You might also be surprised at what we do like as it isn’t all Bright Eyes, Withered Hand and Broken Records.

How much do you charge ? There is a sliding scale but for example you will get £5 for an album we sell for £7.99.

Will we put it on our website ? Manpower permitting yes so the answer is currently maybe !

Will you stock our t-shirts ? Space permitting yes. You should also consider leaving a few free badges. Badges are still really popular and are a good way of getting your name “out there”.