The Sundancers


The Sundancer arrived in 2000 after a few years of writing and performing songs with an e.p. called Solarise. People seemed to like it and the next one was started in earnest with The Sundancer playing all the parts and recording it himself on a four track.

Come With Me never really saw the light of day except to a small bunch of friends and musicians who thought it was pretty good. The Sundancer had found his voice but life had moved on…future songs were brewing. The Sundancer decamped to a little cottage in the Ayrshire countryside and wrote and recorded many, many songs. Too many to put out in one go in fact.

Getting together with some friendly producers The Sundancer recorded the Out of The Woods e.p., this time just singing and playing guitar. Lots more people liked this, Surrender was used in a movie called The Man By The Side of The Road which premiered at the Palms Springs International Film Festival in 2008. Lots of gigs across the country ensued…

In a fit of frustration at how slow recording takes, The Sundancer once again plugged into the four track to record Spontaneous Sounds of Lo-Fi and get onto cd some of the many songs floating about his head. He dedicated it to Syd Barrett, recorded it like a madcap and many people bought it as he wandered solo from club to cafe to festival with an acoustic guitar and strange pedals.

It had been mentioned many times that it would be interesting to hear The Sundancer with a band, so two songs were cut with a specially selected band, The Skinny magazine liked them and free studio time was presented at Green Door Studios just as The Sundancer snapped a tendon in a finger.

After this ‘break’, this is where we are now. 5 Miles To Sunrise is the realisation of that dream – just what would it be like to hear The Sundancer backed by the best musicians that he knows? What would happen if he threw his songs up in the air and said, this is how I do it but let’s try it another way? What if he said let’s strip it right down to the core and capture the muse and the magic– well, Ladies and Gentlemen that’s what we now have. Let’s see where this takes us…




2000 Solarise,

2003 Come With Me,

2005 Out Of The Woods,

2007 Spontaneous Sounds of Lo-Fi,

2010 5 Miles To Sunrise – Available at avalanche records for £3.99