The Laynes


Formed in the Spring of 2006, Scottish band The Laynes have built up a solid support playing the live circuit in the West of Scotland as well as performing at a number of notable events in 2009, including Mods Mayday in Birmingham, The Glasgow Mod Weeknder and the A Little Mixed Up alldayer in Glasgow. Their tunes have appeared on compilation albums A Little Mixed Up (Double Breasted Modzine) and Immediate Pleasure (Rowed Out Records) but “It’s For You” released on Two Cat Records is their debut album of original compositions. Influenced by the sounds of the late 60s, the band play guitar driven 60’s harmonies mixed with psychedelia and mod rhythm and blues.




Compilations: Released 2009 A Little Mixed Up (Double Breasted Modzine), Immediate Pleasure (Rowed Out Records)

Debut 13 track CD It’s For You (Two Cat Records) avalaable through avalanche reocrds for £7.99