palace ballet


With their infectious hooks, meticulous guitar work and disjointed staccato rhythms, Palace Ballet have crafted a brand of timeless pop that will stand up for years to come.

Unaffected by the latest trends, Palace Ballet are more interested in using a lifetime of wide and varied musical consumption to create something new and unique to them. They subscribe to the old fashioned idea that a good tune lies at the heart of any intention and yet what they produce is still modern, complex, dark and adventurous.

An incredibly accomplished live act (previously described as ‘tight, tight, tight’) Palace Ballet have several impressive shows under their belt, including a tremendously successful outing at the 2009 In The City festival in Manchester. The band’s performances have consistently been the subject of outstanding reviews and their recorded output has been no different, with their ‘Some Girls’ demo described as ‘as immediately catchy as it gets’.




-The White Demo, 2009
-The Black Demo, 2009
-Home Demos, 2009
-Gabriel/City of Lights Single coming soon!