My Tiny Robots



Band Members
Dylan Childs : Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Marinello : Guitar, Drums, Keys, Vocals
Russell Williams : Bass, Keys, Noises & Stuff
Gareth Anderson : Drums, Percussion ..

Sounds Like

“Harmonic melodies that reminds you of a time when Indie was jangly, fun and camp while aiming at society’s knee-caps. Plentiful song-writing talent promises the wee robots a future.”
The Skinny

“Display an air of intelligence in their songs, and rise above the glut of samey bands that are currently saturating the scene”
Is this music?

“The Haircut Song, such a magnificent track. We’ve fallen in love…”

“My Tiny Robots staccato brand of indie displays a far more inventive reworking of 70s influences than a great many contemporary bands, with Bryan Ferry-esque crooning alternating with a scuzzy Mod jangle on The Haircut Song. They close in menacing style with Dylans moody baritone relieved by outbursts of instrumental noise.”
4/5 – The Skinny

“My Tiny Robots have been bubbling away for a while, gaining new friends every time they play and little wonder with their charismatic frontman Dylan Childs who would endear himself to any crowd. Expect many attractive females in attendance, all of whom will no doubt be yelping for their live favourite ‘The Haircut Song’ ”
Fact Magazine

“My Tiny Robots are assembled from all over the UK, and do a better job of assembling their influences from all over the indie world. Nobody can quite put their finger on where they’ve heard it before… meaning we haven’t, exactly”
The Skinny

“A rumpus of Clash swagger and Smithsy melodicism”
The Metro



Deploy – Ltd EP in hand made sleeve.
Some Of My Best Ideas – 3 track EP, housed in hand crafted sleeve, with second hand floppy disc sleeve and spraypainted decoration. lovely!