Factory Kids


Formed in 2008, Factory Kids are musician/artist Christina Marie (formerly of The Modern Hour/Audn) and singer/songwriter/producer Tim Chaplin (solo/Luminous). Their initial releases were via compilations and blogs, before the self-titled debut album was released through Powertool Records in 2009, in both physical and download formats. FK continue to appear on comps, have released a mixtape and download single on Odd Box Records. The latest EP is a digital-only release through 17 Seconds Records, who will also be unleashing more new material in the future…





Unexplainable Forever 6 cassette box set compilation album on Unexplainable Recordings 2008
1. Dazzle

Series Two Compilation Vol. 16 CD-R album 2009
1. Don’t Meet No One

Factory Kids CD-R album on Powertool Records (PT087) 2009
1. F.A.O.
2. September Falls
3. Don’t Meet On One
4. Piano Interlude
5. Sugar Landslide
6. Electric Light Bulb Lies
7. Look After Everyone
8. She Said
9. Shadows Play
10. You Gotta Rain

An Taobh Tuathail Vol III by Cian O Ciobhain CD compilation album on Pychonavigation Records (PSY 034) 2009
1. Look After Everyone (Luminous Remix)