Dead Boy Robotics

<p>Dead Boy Robotics, a duo from Edinburgh, Scotland, incorporate laptop, synths, guitars, tribal drumming, vocal harmonies, yelps and screams to create atmospheric new wave that is both epic and intense. 

Influenced by many bands and musical styles including Animal Collective, Subtle, Liars and HEALTH, the duo of Gregor McMillan & Mike Bryant have been highly praised by Glasgow PodcART and Under The Radar for their avant-garde take on electronic music. 

They were one of 16 acts cherry-picked from over 1400 entries to play Scotland’s T in the Park festival unsigned band stage in July 2009.

Dead Boy Robotics self-released their debut EP, Tale of the Winter Kids in May 2010</p>
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<p>'Tale of the Winter Kids' EP
6th May 2010</p>