Call To Mind


Hello to you. We are Call To Mind. We’re from the Scottish Highlands, in and around Inverness, but spend most of our time in Glasgow.

“Atmospheric and somewhat dramatic, this British band fills out the Britpop sound. Yes, they sound a little like early Radiohead, maybe Doves, but there’s a heavier, moodier element.” (Iceland Airwaves)

“For such a determined band of musical purists, the future is clearly going to be polarised. Call To Mind will either remain a cultish, underground concern, or will inspire a Mogwai-esque religious devotion. Whichever way it goes though, it’s refreshing to see that bands like Call To Mind still have the bravery and patience to offer up such restrained and thoughtful music in a climate where the medium is becoming defined by its immediacy and disposability.” (The Fly)

“Sonically mind-blowing” (Tim Burgess)

“Call To Mind are an intriguing prospect from the Scottish Highlands who come prefitted with the melancholic grandeur of Elbow and the epic swagger of Doves. A tempting description I’ll think you’ll agree and ‘Running With Scissors’ showcases enough atmospheric genius to fix the ozone layer. Martin Ross’s vocals are startling, at first he sounds slightly hoarse but when the tempo is raised he reaches parts that few can come near. Call To Mind played the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival last year in what must have been the perfect collision of humanity and the natural environment. Platitudes were invented for bands like this.” (

“Call to Mind, originally from Inverness now based in Glasgow got into a wee bit of bother on the Hothouse stage on Friday when the generator blew up causing them to run an hour late but when they performed the crowd went mad for their new tracks Jasione and Running with Scissors…” ( – Belladrum Festival review)

“Kings of calm, glacial sounds…” (Highland News)

“Anything that reminds me of Grizzly Bear (and more specifically, Dan Rossen) at the moment seems to necessarily be a good thing. Yet I was surprised to learn that the group behind this track’s gentle, sweeping production are in fact from the Scottish Highlands. Further proof that the current indie aesthetic knows no bounds it may be, but they are wielding a set of lovely songs that have no label behind them. So get clicking, get talking…” (

“They are devoid of the over-styled, fuck-you arrogance and sassy, sexed-up swagger which defines so many of today’s legions. Rather, their sound smoulders with the narcotic burn of a brooding, progressive sound – of men losing themselves in the midst of their music. Tonight was an opportunity to witness some serious sounds, which, from the halcyon spin of ‘Energy + Blast’ to the epic exaltations of ‘Hole in the Heart’, they squarely deliver. Sonically virulent, ambitious and at times leveling, Call to Mind are the bastion of a band with a single-minded vision.” (The Skinny – live review)

“Makes me think of how Joy Division would sound covering Dark Side of the Moon, really weird but really good!” (Alan McGee)

“I play Breathe at least once a day; mostly because I’m on the train alot.” (Thomas Gilmore, Singapore)

“A band that are set to be huge, they are everything that you look for. Vocally, musically, lyrically a package that would go on my final mix tape of all time if need be. This is one of the most haunting and stunning songs I have heard this year.” (Glasgow podcART)

“I keep forgetting just how good Call To Mind are, until as usual, a listener writes in to remind us… Three minutes and fifty seconds of sonic perfection – wonderfully relaxing, you’re left wanting more.” (Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music)

We released a small run white label e.p, with people saying it was “Rich in texture and flawless in rhythm: this is a band that have found their own sound – laid back progressive indie that grabs the listener with its originality.” (Music Week)




Call To Mind EP – 25th March 2010