Annie Stevenson


Described as “Grunge meets Punk meets Power Pop” annie stevenson are a four piece band from Glasgow comprising 4 Lads , No annie !
Formed in late 2007 the guys have spent the last few years gigging around central Scotland looking for that Lucky Break.
Two songwriters in this group with contrasting yet complementary styles makes it interesting.

Oh by the way, they can write tunes !

You can Hear Bowie and Bolan, Beatles and Blur ( and thats just the B’s) yet somehow they’re different.
Something original is at work here, maybe not the finished article, but they are worth watching out for .

But we would say that wouldn’t we so why not make up your own mind,

Check them out on their myspace page.

And then if you fancy some more visit their youtube page its Raw, its work in progress but hey its good !