Bands / Artists

Our aim is to create a list of Scottish acts, from small up and coming local bands, to more established artists. Everyone is welcome to submit their details using the ‘Band Registration‘ link

We want to encourage the promotion of local Scottish talent and hopefully help sell their albums to a wider audience… so please register your band and bring in CDs or Vinyl that you have available for sale and we can link anything you bring in, and sell it online and in the shop. Updates are welcome if you have intersting news or new releases you wish to add to the listing.

Please fill in the form as much as you can… Even if it is just a simple wee biography, list of band mates and discography, don’t be shy. Supplying your name and a website address just doesn’t cut the mustard round these parts, so be creative (you can add html links if you know what you are doing, nothing too big, nothing obscene).

To check out the bands, then just follow the links in the middle column.