Saturday is the first of the RSD drops a time for David Bowie and Pink Floyd fans this year joined by Cure fans to worry that they might not be able to buy a release they already own several times already.

Since we reopened customers have been nothing but sensible so I’ve decided to where possible try and have some elements of normality to the day. We have never opened at 8am as that is no time to be selling records and as the mall is still on reduced hours 9am is not possible so we open at 10am.

We have never encouraged queueing but if you must queue before we open the queue will start at the Waverley Bridge entrance and there will be signs with further explanation. Any queue should extend towards the gardens.

Once open we can cater for ten social distancing groups in the shop but no group can be more than two people. There will be a further monitored queue in the mall extending towards Waverley Bridge.

I’ll be disappointed if we run out of the most sought after release which for us is the Biffy Clyro single. We have a lot! Once I’ve seen what stock is left after closing at 5pm I’ll decide what to do with it but won’t be rushing to list at 6pm. I’ll leave that mayhem to others. As always I will list what we have left on Saturday night so folk can come along on Sunday knowing what we still have. I imagine I’ll list online anything remaining on Sunday night.

It hopefully goes without saying that face masks should be worn and if you do feel unwell please be sensible and take the online option.

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