The Council, the Grassmarket, the King’s Stables Road, the City Art Centre and the Museum

The last two blogs really were just an attempt to state the bare bones of what has happened over the last eight years and left out far more than was included. It did however give a useful timeline and basic idea of what has gone on. Others shared my frustration and offered very sensible ideas but to be honest there was nothing suggested that hadn’t been tried or looked at. 

I will address some of the recurring ideas briefly over the next week but more than anything need now to move forward. I must say a big thank you to those who do bother to offer advice and it is not that it isn’t sensible it is just that sadly as I say these things have been looked at or tried already.

It seemed certain things would be settled in time for the museum’s Rip It Up exhibition but in the end that appears to have helped cause delay. Now folk are saying there definitely needs to be something permanent in place by the time the exhibition finishes. I’m not so sure ! 

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