Nearly there ! Scottish Pop Music Exhibition Centre

There has been movement on all fronts and while there are several options for the centre they are all clear in my mind now. Several people have come forward to help try and get us over the line which has been an immense help and added to those stalwarts who have been with us all along it means that one way or another I’ll have an announcement immediately after New Year.

Generating income and a building are still key. I’d hoped to have far more in place to help with income before Christmas and even nailing down building options is proving problematic but if we are to be ready in time to complement the museum’s Rip It up exhibition starting in June then we will have to go with what we have in January.

I would love to say more but can’t. Suffice to say if I can hit 75% of our target it will be amazing. One good thing is that nobody has any doubts about the quality of the exhibition that will be produced or our ability to deliver and promote it. In the meantime do please consider buying from our Discogs site or online shop. Any income at the moment helps !

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