Future plans (part four) – location and finance

The blue Fender Coronado Mk2 Paul Haig bought from Edwyn Collins

I was told very early on that life would be a lot easier if I had a location and money. Obvious I know but that really is how it works even for the largest projects. The new concert hall has location and financial backing so it gets even more money.

I don’t think anybody doubts the quality of the exhibition that would be produced nor all the amazing releases and merchandise that would go with it but it was always said that especially once people saw what could be, and the Fruitmarket Gallery pop-up was a huge success, sponsors and financial backers would come forward. If nothing else people of a certain age who had made their money and loved their music would see an opportunity to have a permanent legacy.

I would love to have a location by now but the centre does have the backing of Edinburgh’s councillors and council officials at the highest level and they are committed to providing a building so I have to be content with that. If I can get sponsorship from businesses who don’t normally support the arts I can have that doubled up to £40K which would become £80K. There can be several sponsors so no need for one company to come up with the whole amount.

From classical music to the visual arts there are patrons who finance things like this but despite amazing publicity nobody has come forward which does confirm what I was told which was that you have to very actively chase people for money, something I’m not particularly happy with. I intended to put money in myself but over three years have used up everything I had and much more just to reach this point.

Original photo for Mogwai’s album “Young Team”

The situation is now beyond critical though at least some exclusives to sell will start filtering in soon starting hopefully with the TV21 double vinyl. In the absence of any big sponsors it will take the support of the very bands and labels to be featured to make the centre possible along with of course their fans.

Several bands have already offered support as have labels such as Jeepster, Domino, Cherry Red and Chemikal Underground. There is no doubt people will support any fund raising but you have to give them something to buy or a gig to go to. With regard to the latter, again venues are very supportive and I even have use of places like the Queen’s Hall and Usher Hall. So far I’ve only approached those who have worked with Avalanche closely for many years but now it is essential to involve as many bands, labels and people as possible.

Over the course of the week I will outline all the avenues we will go down to try to make sure the centre is properly financed in time and then over the course of the next year. Hopefully one way or another everybody who wants to get involved will find a way to help. As always I would like to thank those who have helped get to where we are already. It is a marvelous achievement and has only been possible by the kindness of others.


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