Check out this lot at the double

Edinburgh Evening News Thursday 19th January 2017

I’m so used to well organised bands being rather dull and the interesting bands being, for want of a better word, disorganised that when I returned a follow by Glasgow via Hamilton pop-punk band The Double Standards and then received a direct message thanking me for the follow I immediately started to assume the worst.

However if pop-punk is your thing they do it very well, hardly breaking any boundaries, but that isn’t really what pop-punk is about.

They do a decent cover of Neck Deep’s A Part of Me, and Kimono Girl sounds like a good cover but appears to be original but hey what do I know, it’s probably a Blink-182 b-side.

The drummer describes them as a generic pop punk band so a sense of humour too. You can listen here You can also find them on Twitter @TDS198 or Facebook at

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