History of Scottish Music Centre – crowdfunding and sponsors

First of all many thanks to those who have made a donation it has believe me been greatly appreciated and you will be hearing more soon. So far the attempts to fund the centre have been very low key and with good reason. People are swamped with donation buttons, gofundme pages and PledgeMusic offers and there are many good causes out there. It seems only right that people should get something for their money and I do intend to reward those who have donated already in the future.

scars author! author!Moving forward though a lot of the time artists rely on the superfan. I was amazed that signed white labels at £50+ are one of the most popular things on PledgeMusic. An artist writing out the lyrics to a favourite song are another. I could of course try to replicate this with the help of Scottish artists but it would be a time consuming exercise. A gig or gigs of some sort has been suggested several times and that might be a way forward. Again though it would need to be something special. There is a precedent in that the Scars gig they did for us helped pay the entire costs of our move to the Grassmarket. 

What the centre could also do with is a sponsor or indeed sponsors. There is a mountain of publicity waiting to go for when the centre opens and it would be a great opportunity for a business especially one that could benefit from worldwide publicity though the opportunities in Scotland alone would suit many types of business. If I could ask people to do one thing just now it is to think if they know and have contacts with a business that would be a good fit.

I was confident I could have something showcasing the centre ready by March but such has been the positivity about just how good this idea could be with a good location and support I’m happy to delay that a little to get it right. Having said that financially it is a drain on my limited resources every week so the sooner the better ! Always glad to hear any ideas so feel free to contact me on kevinavalanche@hotmail.com

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