Avalanche @ Offbeat Gallery

offbeat-bullSome of you may remember I did originally intend to have a small selection of stock in Gerry Gapinski’s new gallery shop in St Mary’s Street but in the end I settled for simply using it for our click and collect as there really wasn’t the space. However after a pop-up shop I had hoped to get from the council in time for Christmas fell through he’s kindly offered me enough space to offer a decent selection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs and one or two other things more of which later. We’ll struggle to find space for posters but we will reassess that once everything else is in.

The shop will also act as a point of contact for the History of Scottish Music Centre and I will be about Thursday to Saturday. More on the HofSMC also very soon. This really is just a brief cameo to help me clear stock but I’ll bring in all the Discogs stuff which is a 1,000 plus interesting items straight away. There will be a large rack of Scottish band CDs and of course Avalanche t-shirts. I saw Gerry today to provisionally work out some space and we’ll have something in place for this Thursday. 

Those who don’t know the shop you won’t be able to miss it ! There is a large bull’s head above the door going back to when it was a tannery. If anybody has any memorabilia that they think might be of use to HofSMC do pop in for a chat.

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