Avalanche – the label – History of Scottish Music Centre

Old Avalanche label stock still sells to this day and of course is known worldwide. I’ll be using the label to reissue some older Scottish bands’ albums, more recent best sellers and indeed some new artists too mostly but not exclusively on vinyl. There is a lot of love for both Avalanche and Scottish bands throughout the world and all the releases will be made available on every continent simultaneously along with some exciting promotions. The label will look to break even though that is not to say I won’t be trying to make money from releases. What it means is any money that is made will be put back into other releases that I suspect may do well but not quite break even.

I can afford to finance one release at a time but would like to do more. It is certainly more cost effective to have several releases at one time. To this end I’m looking for investors who will put in £500 for a share. In return investors will receive copies of all the releases, be credited on those releases and after 12 months can ask for the money to be returned. A fair rate of interest I think ! Certainly people can buy more than one share if they wish and of course all involved will receive regular updates. Very happy to receive investment from other labels many of whom have a soft spot for Scottish bands.

Bank details can be provided if preferred. All questions to kevinavalanche@hotmail.com

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