History of Scottish Music Centre grant application

Many people asked if there might be any grants to help with setting up if not maybe supporting the History of Scottish Music Centre. Against my better judgement I did apply for a grant from Creative Scotland to help over the next six months but despite being very encouraging and indeed supportive I was told last week they were unable to help. The main thrust seemed to be that the money they had available had been applied for more than six times over. I had been told the research and development grants were under the least financial pressure so that was a surprise.

The other comments were to be honest fairly spurious but will be helpful in confirming over the weeks the direction the centre will take. I could of course reapply but to be honest the points raised were actually already covered in the application, covered in links provided for further information or covered in the meetings we had had and more importantly it would be too great a delay. Things are still on course for next March despite the delay that the waiting to hear has caused and funds were always going to be needed beyond any grant anyway so it just means I’ll need to work even harder on that front.

Fundraising will take the form of sales, subscriptions and donations and there will be far more detail over the coming week or so. As ever thanks to everybody so far for the interest, support and encouragement. Cheers !

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