Supporting The History of Scottish Music Centre

The centre will primarily be an exhibition and information space and while there will be an accompanying retail space it would unrealistic to try to support the centre simply from sales especially as any stock would not be held on a commercial basis ie what can be sold within a reasonable time. There have been several suggestions about finance and I have looked at them all. I’m certainly exploring the possibility of grants but they would be unlikely to be sufficient and best not relied on. Again crowdfunding has been suggested and there are some very interesting options there. There is clearly a lot of interest but it would be good to have that interest registered for when we start the ball rolling which should be by the end of next month. 

The options are

I would be interested in a small monthly subscription in return for a monthly newsletter and alerts when the centre has news of and items by artists I am interested in

I would be interested in making a donation

I have a business that would be interested in making a donation or offering sponsorship

I would be interested in buying a discounted voucher to spend at the centre eg a £50 voucher for £40. There will be an online sales facility.

I have a music collection I would like to donate with the proceeds going to the centre

With regards to the bands themselves current or not we will be looking for things along the lines of an exclusive song or image that they are prepared to let the centre use and are happy to promote to their fans. This will obviously help with financing the centre and feed into the options above. Very happy for artists and labels to make contact now but we will be contacting those we think can help soon.

Please send an email to listing one or more of the options above to register an interest and be told when we have something in place. The subscription will start at a pound or two so hopefully anybody wanting to help can. The interest now will help with the decision on what crowdfunding platforms might be useful in the future. Any other thoughts or comments are welcome. We are of course still looking for interesting memorabilia and thanks is due to all those who have already been in touch.

Many thanks


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