Documentary about the Glasgow music scene of the ‘90s

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Hi there Avalanche,

 I’m writing from Still Films in Dublin.

 We’re an independent film production company making a documentary about the Glasgow music scene of the ‘90s.

 More specifically, we’re bringing Mogwai and some of that crew, Chemikal Underground etc, down memory lane and tracing the steps of some of their earlier shows etc.

We’d love to connect with you about your experiences and get some genuine insight into Scottish indie in the mid ‘90s. Or perhaps you can point us in the direction of some people who were ‘on the scene’ a lot back then and might have some interesting material or contacts?

We’re looking for material such as videos, photos, flyers, posters, ticket stubs etc, from that era. We want to use as much authentic material as possible to make sure we capture the spirit and feeling of those days as best we can.

We’re hoping to find pics of bands, live shows, parties (after parties, gaff parties, club nights, DJs, record shops etc), any material about the scene including posters and tickets, but also pics of Glasgow in the ‘90s.

 We are also particularly interested in a small music festival in Mauron, France, in 1997 where Mogwai, The Delgados, and Arab Strap played. It was called ‘Ils ne Mauron Pas’, if you happen to know anything about that, or know anyone that might, we would love to know.

 Thank you very much for your time and help.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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