In the All-Night Café competition

In the All-Night Cafex

Thanks to the very generous people at Little, Brown Book and Mute we are able to offer a fantastic selection of goodies relating to the Stuard David book on the formative years of Belle & Sebastian (actually the blurb says Scottish indie sensation Belle & Sebastian) “In the All-Night Cafe”.

For the winner

Signed hardback

Signed cover poster

Exclusive tote bag

Looper 5CD box set “These Things” + badge 

Signed sleeve notes 

For 3 runners-up

A signed hardback copy of the book

As I’ve said before there will be none of this follow. like or retweet nonsense but proper questions. There is only one problem I myself do not know the answer to the question ! So here it is –

What letter was hidden in Avalanche in the Belle & Sebastian treasure hunt many, many years ago and what word was it part of  ?

Answers should be accompanied by a convincing argument as to why the answer is correct.

Some may say this favours the older, Edinburgh based Belle & Sebastian fan so here are two easier questions. Answer both for a chance to win the signed book and of course the winners bag of goodies should nobody come up with a valid answer for the letter and word.

1. Where did Belle & Sebastian get their name from ?

2. Which of the band’s albums is Avalanche’s best selling album of all time from a Scottish band ?

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