Four German girls walk into a record shop …..

Tron avalanche aerial view 2 useYesterday we had four German girls looking at the vinyl for ages. They pulled out all the new Beatles albums in particular and after much discussion settled on “Let It Be”. Half an hour later they were still looking, excitedly chatting, pulling out albums they recognised, taking photos and generally enjoying themselves which of course is hard to begrudge. Eventually they returned to the new LPs and after more discussion put “Let It Be” back in the rack in the wrong place and the wrong way round !

I’d seen an older couple waiting to get to the same rack and immediately the girls left the guy walked over picking up a new album and holding it up to his wife. I went to put the Beatles album back in the right place and see what he was holding up so excitedly but before I’d had chance his wife had taken a photo and they too had left.

A minute later one of the German girls returned having I suspected second thoughts about passing on “Let It Be” but instead she brought a second hand Johnny Hates Jazz LP to the counter for £3.

Make of it what you will but without doubt the majority of the public, even those of an age to remember the “old days”, now use record shops in a completely different way and little of it has to do with buying anything !

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