Avalanche @ Tron Church

tron kirkJust in case anybody has missed the news Avalanche is now back open seven days a week in the heart of Edinburgh at Tron Church which recently opened as a cafe and record shop with a small selection of very fine arts stalls. Scottish produce is also available. 

We are carrying  both new and used vinyl, posters (including the large fly posters) and our usual selection of local band CDs. There is also a small selection of new and used CDs.

There are four boxes of LPs at £5 (4 for £20), a vast selection covering all genres of LPs at £3 (4 for £10) and five boxes of dance 12″s constanntly being added to as space permits (I have a lot still to go out).

There is a great selection of posters from the ever popular Arctic Monkeys, Frightened Rabbit, Pixies, Oasis etc and I’ve two more deliveries expected soon with posters covering the last year’s releases. 

We are open 10am to 6pm every day except Sundays when opening is slightly later at 11am.

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