Avalanche’s All Time Best Selling Self Distributed Albums

There Will Be Fireworks sleeve1.   There Will Be Fireworks – There Will Be Fireworks

2.   Pictish Trail – Secret Soundz Vol.1

3.   Kid Canaveral – Shouting At Wildlife

4.   The Savings and Loan – Today I Need Light

5.   Star Wheel Press – Life Cycle Of A Falling Bird

6.   There Will Be Fireworks – The Dark, Dark Bright

7.   King Creosote – Psalm Clerk

8.   TV21 – Forever 22

Pictish Trail - Secret+Soundz+Volume+19.   Quickbeam – Quickbeam

10. Olympic Swimmers – No Flags Will Fly

11. Bwani Junction – Fully Cocked

12. Randolph’s Leap – Introducing …..

13. Kevin MacNeil and Willie Campbell – Visible From Space

14. Scottish Enlightenment – St. Thomas

15. King Creosote – Disclaimer

16. King Creosote – Vintage Quays

Kid Canaveral - Shouting17. Emily Scott – Longshore Drift

18. The Last Battle – Heart Of The Land, Soul Of The Sea

19. Rob St John – Weald

20. Emily Scott – abcdefg…etc…

21. Cancel The Astronauts – Animal Love Match

22. Endor – Endor

23. King Creosote – Red On Green

24. Edinburgh School For The Deaf – New Youth Bible

TodayINeedLightHiRes25. Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

26. Dead Flowers – Midnight At The Wheel Club

27. Aberfeldy – Somewhere To Jump From

28. Trapped Mice – Winter Sun

29. Hamish James Hawk – Aznavour

30. Emily Scott – I Write Letters I Never Send



SWP - Life Cycle


So big hitters like Ballboy, Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Meursault and Withered Hand aren’t included as they all had distributors I bought from. Others in the chart may have had distribution but I dealt directly for the vast majority of the stock. The Scars album would have been at two but I stuck to new releases and not reissues.

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  • […] and third album, I Write Letters I Never Send, coming 17th, 20th and 30th, respectively, in Avalanche’s All Time Best Selling Self Distributed Albums. Between this and her close ties with Fence (King Creosote features on two songs, Heavy Clouds and […]

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