Please sell us your vinyl !

LP spinesI should say I never intended these blog posts to be any sort of reference material for those interested in the music industry and where it is heading. That I regularly get asked if I can be quoted in academic papers is frankly quite bizarre. That those in London with no idea of the real world read my blog I can understand ! One thing I have come to realise is that while interaction on social media is useful it is no indication of how many people are following Avalanche’s journey. 

We have always enabled our support of local bands by selling other things and in the old days it was hundreds of Bright Eyes albums or Arcade Fire or even Kings of Leon. If we are to reappear on the high street then we need something that makes the money “that pays the rent” or in Edinburgh more accurately the rates. We do well with posters and they are a good USP more of which later but we need something more and that has to be second hand vinyl and more accurately big collections of collectable vinyl. Again I’m very lucky to have investors prepared to finance the buying of large collections something I could certainly not afford to do myself.

It is of course the model for most new shops opening and it isn’t hard to see why when on average I sell one rare item a day online that will make me more money than 95% of new releases. I would never be happy simply selling second hand vinyl even the interesting valuable stuff but as part of a bigger picture and if it brings in the money that pays for everything else ………………………..  

Expect a blitz soon but for now if you have a large collection of vinyl or know of somebody with a large collection who is looking to sell please put them in touch on the shop email

While I embrace the old skool ways I don’t think anybody will see our next move coming !

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