RSD update

OK quickly as I still have a shitload of stuff to do. We open late at 11am. If you want to queue then queue towards Victoria Street from where the RSD banner is. Cash only this year which will help with serving as quickly as possible. Just wait your turn and ask for titles you are looking for. One per person for all releases. We took lots of things we normally sell like Twilight Sad, Life without Buildings, The Fall etc but most of the list was really unappealing and I’m amazed that shops have ordered so much. There was one major fuck up when a large order we placed was deemed “trade restricted” (normally something available in Europe but not the UK). By the time this was spotted there was no stock left. Big things this affected were titles like Bowie and Joy Division.

Also order numbers are based on regular sales something I heartily agree with but we order next to nothing now particularly from the majors since FOPP and HMV got all their stock on consignment. Consequently we were getting little of big titles anyway. I’m extremely dubious this year about the 600+ releases and so were many of my regular customers so I have gone carefully given I have so much regular stock already so I don’t need to be stuck with overpriced RSD stock. I expect a lot will be available to reorder if customers require. Star Wheel Press will be on at 4.30pm and there are free 7″s for anybody who asks from a variety of labels.   

We have loads of other good stuff so do please feel free to stay and browse all the other vinyl we have. 

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