Avalanche Record Store Day 2014 – Castle Street/Princes Street

record girl - just wishAnd as they say you weren’t expecting that ! I’ve always maintained that RSD was about celebrating with record shops and the product really should be secondary. We have had some amazing performances while we have been in the Grassmarket and frankly I didn’t feel we could top it. I wanted a celebration and something a little different. Luckily being in a constant state of flux at the moment gave me the opportunity to do something different.

We will settle down I promise you but for the four days around RSD we will be based at the Ceilidh Culture Street Fair on Castle Street / Princes Street. The location could not be more central and hopefully we can bring the Avalanche way to a new audience and not just those queueing for whatever their favourite artist is and then politely leaving never to return until the next RSD.

There is a stage and slots for five bands and Avalanche will be curating the whole day’s entertainment. Those who want a pre RSD look around can come along on the Friday and of course there will be plenty of time to come along on the Sunday and Monday if you can’t make it on Saturday. There will be music every day and stalls promoting the very best of Scottish crafts, fashion, jewellery, food and drink. We aren’t looking to top what we have done before but I’m confident we will achieve something different.

kids listening-to-recordsUnlike other years when folk have just turned up, got their limited editions and then disappeared I’m really hoping people will take the opportunity to look through not only the fantastic selection of vinyl and posters we carry every day but also spend time seeing what else is on offer in the marquee. We have always been lucky with plenty of people coming along for the bands and a browse and I’m sure that will continue.

Hopefully this year the RSD vinyl will be cheap enough that kids can afford one each but if not we wil have plenty of great albums starting from £1.

Also in clearing the shop I’ve found some amazing posters covering all genres that will be on sale on the day. As this was literally only finalised yesterday, and thanks to handupmedia for all their help with that, there are no bands yet to announce. Before you ask Dan is somewhere between Manchester and Cardiff on the day so will not be reprising his Lana Del Rey cover.



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