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XPRESSWAY PILE=UPSo Avalanche’s focus will be shifting considerably and things are well in hand. While I will indeed be tidying up and adding to the website I also needed this time off to finalise our label and merchandise plans. With announcements very close I won’t give you a series of  ifs and buts now but wait for things to be finalised. We do indeed have a worldwide label deal agreed for the Avalanche label founded in 1989  but my focus for the last three years has been to get our best new bands to a far wider audience and while I am close that side of things is by no means as yet a done deal.

We still get many visitors to the shop based purely on our reputation for releasing some seminal New Zealand music and 80’s and 90s Scottish bands. I have no idea if this discogs list is definitive  http://www.discogs.com/label/43917-Avalanche-Records-2 but it will introduce those unaware of Avalanche’s history to those artists we supported. Believe me everything about running a label today is easier given today’s technology and in particular email and mobile phones. However now there are new challenges to actually get great music out to those who want to hear it and this is my focus.

I have had some very generous financial offers to help with the shop and they will be considered in due course given the current situation with HMV and FOPP already well documented. I really had every intention of being open for Record Store Day and still do but one more list of ridiculous releases or the announcement of a Boyzone/Westlife split single and I may change my mind.  

Given Saturday was by far our busiest day I’m very pleased to announce we will in the meantime have a stall at the Grassmarket market selling our usual range of new vinyl, our best second hand vinyl along with some bargain boxes and of course a selection of our best posters. There will even be the odd CD and DVD.

Many, many thanks for all the kind words and apologies to those I haven’t acknowledged yet. Also a big thank you to those who have sent often very helpful advice with regards to the website and social media. Again I do hope to find time for more personal replies.

As I have said already as a label I will never underestimate the value of the support of the remaining shops in the UK and of course Avalanche’s many friends worldwide. There will hopefully be more label news and indeed more news too on our ever expanding range of posters and prints very soon. There may even be news on those 30th anniversary celebrations !  

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