Avalanche – A statement about how there will be a statement

avalanche-logo-use NMESunday at the latest I promise. Going with classic good news / bad news / good news combination with the bad news not being that bad hopefully ! What is needed in the meantime is two days of Record Store Day proportions. So what is there to tempt you ? 14 boxes of vinyl at £1 each and 2,000 great LPs from £5 to £10. Nobody who has been through them has failed to be amazed with every genre represented. There is a very special offer on the dance 12″s 0f 50 for £25 and also 25 x 7″s for £5.

Most of the DVDs are now £1 each including some box sets. There are over 1,000 CDs at £1 each and  two large racks of classic CDs at 3 for £10. Best of all is the 3 for £15 CD section of mostly full price CDs. Many of the fly posters are at £5 or less and I’ve just put out a bunch of newly discovered posters. 

There is a crate of reduced new vinyl on the counter which is again all good stuff and all the classic Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Biffy Clyro, Mogwai, The National, Pixies etc titles are all in stock along with the new White Stripes reissues on Third Man.

We are down to one large green Avalanche t-shirt I’m afraid. Such is the demand I’m going to do a presell for our next order. There are a few hoodies left but not many. I’ve also dug out all the books and magazines we have which are available for £1 to £3. 

Something for absolutely everybody so do come along and send us off in style. Cheers !

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