Shop news via twitter

Great news in that the large container + toilet parked outside has been moved around the corner thanks to Georgia @GrassmarketEdin

I was reliably informed that nobody cares about a sale these days unless it is a closing down sale + so far that has proved true.

We have an amazing amount of stuff at fantastic prices (one French guy today bought 26 CDs, a DVD box + poster). Another 14 LPs at £1 each.

We really do need to clear the CDs + DVDs in particular + at least make a dent in the vinyl. Turning stock into cash ASAP is the priority !

Everything else is going so well + more on that very soon I promise but the cash raising bit has been a disaster despite our best stock ever

So if you could all just pretend it is a massive closing down sale + come along tomorrow that would be great 1000s of CDs DVDs + LPS £1 each

Obviously a few of you will be praying it is a closing down sale but for rest our last day in this shop is still planned for next Saturday.

I’ll be as clear about future as I can be by next Friday. There is a lot of very good news but I really do need to get shop finances sorted

For those asking we do also have a fantastic selection of posters on a buy 3 and get a 4th free. Great offer as most buy 2 or 3 posters.

And yes the deal applies to the fly posters already reduced to £5 and under.

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