Saturday March 1st

So a month later than expected but I’ve set a date with the landlord for leaving. There have been several attempts to persuade me to stay and it is not impossible that I could still choose to stay in the Grassmarket but it is unlikely. Still too many permutations to say anything further but fear not Avalanche will be somewhere and in good time for Record Store Day. As soon as the options become manageable I promise to say more. There are a lot of positive options and I just have to make sure I make the right choices. Barely a couple of days pass without something else being thrown in the mix so I’m not set on any particular path yet.

I’m being asked lots of questions and apologies for not answering individually but I will address them all via the blog as and when I have time. I’m well aware and to be honest touched by the genuine concern shown by our many loyal customers. Thank you.  

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