Avalanche label stock

13 first fridays


I’ll gradually list these online but any questions feel free to ask. I’ve also been asked if I will sell wholesale and so long as I have quantity the answer is yes.

13 First Fridays – 88 Lines about 44 Women 12″  (featuring Andrew from Jesse Garon)

Riverhead – Alpharetta  12″  (toured with Jesse Garon)     
We Free Kings – Howl and Other Songs  12″    
Gargleblud  LP 
Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes – Nixon LP
Jesse Garon – Hold Me Now 12″
Jesse Garon – Never Be That Young Again 12″  
Jesse Garon – Cabinet of Curiosities LP  
Pralines -Trains (indie pop from Galashiels)   
Riverhead – Haddit 12″ (cover artwork done by Professor of Art in Athens, Georgia who did some of the REM artwork)     
Groovy Little Numbers mini LP red vinyl (both 12″s on one LP)
Fun While It Lasted 53rd & 3rd pic disc LP 
53 and 3rd – Agarr Retro LP (red vinyl)
BMX Bandits  53rd & 3rd Years  (yellow vinyl) LP
Shop Assistants – Here It Comes 12″ 
Shop Assistants – Big E Power 12″        
Snapper – Buddy 12″
Vaselines – All The Stuff And More picture disc LP (only a handful)
DoubleHappys – How Much Time Left, Please ? vinyl EP
Xpressway Pile=Up cassette   
Shop Assistants  Here It Comes 7″
Shop assistants – Big E Power 7″  
Snapper – Dark Sensation / Snapper and the Ocean 7″            
Groovy Little Numbers CD  
Snapper – Shotgun Blossom  CD + cassette
Agarr Retro  CD

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