The World Won’t Listen

Dylan - The World Won't Listen

At least that is how it often feels though more accurate would be the world does listen, agrees but doesn’t say or do anything. It will be a theme throughout my next few blogs. It amazes me sometimes that people don’t see that I couldn’t possibly access the information I have or know what I know without the tacit approval of many important people in the music industry. The idea that I’m some lone wolf railing against the music industry simply doesn’t add up. 

While I see the large numbers that read the blog it has only really hit home when putting faces to these people as they visit the shop many from all over the world. My intention was not to document what is actually happening to independent record stores outside of all the bullshit that prevails but just to say how it was for Avalanche and make it clear we were not alone. I won’t pretend it hasn’t made me more aware of what I say though it certainly won’t stop me from saying anything.

At a local level I also can’t pretend I’m not disappointed at some things that have been said especially as they often rely on me not repeating things I know and can show to be true. Neither would I start quoting others in my defence. I think recent events show how quickly things can get messy. Suffice to say no band or label is banned by Avalanche. Some choose to market and promote themselves in a way that contravenes our stocking policy but from my side there is certainly no hard feelings or ill will. You won’t find me criticising any band’s music simply the formats they choose or the way they choose to distribute them.  

So now the coffee shop is up and running and the Festival is finished there are big decisions to be made and things that need to be said if we are to continue. No need to panic !   

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