Cake Shop NYC / Avalanche split 7″

Cake Shop


A few of you spotted the Cake Shop in New York mentioning the split single on twitter. It is as I said in its early stages and while both Ballboy and PAWS have agreed to contribute a track it will depend, in the case of PAWS, on permission from their label and in Ballboy’s case making sure it doesn’t get in the way of any album plans. 

Some seemed surprised by the choice of PAWS but after our initial issues after receiving no communication from their label at all before the album release I received a very understanding email from Phillip about the issues I’d raised and as I’m sure he would be happy to confirm we have had the album in stock and supported them ever since.

It was a pleasure to resolve things so easily despite it would appear others wish to carry on some nonexistent feud. There will be more details as we get them and of course on the other projects we are looking to work on too.

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  • If My Auntie Had...:

    Ballboy and PAWS should record together sometime… BAWS!! Seriously, glad to see this happening and best wishes for future releases.

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