Twitter Trolls

Several people have emailed and come into the shop concerned about the recent spate of twitter trolls. The first incidence seemed to last no longer than 24 hours before being taken down which I should say was nothing to do with me. Others I believe recognised who was behind it and I can only assume they were persuaded to take it down. The only person to comment on twitter as he was actually referenced in one of the tweets was Dan from Withered Hand who condemned the user as a troll.

However another account has appeared which as before I have simply ignored. What I have seen just seems to be a series of personal attacks and inappropriate comments. However what has concerned others is the followers for the abusive account something to be honest I hadn’t seen since it first appeared. I can not speculate as to why people have chosen to follow and it would be unfair to jump to conclusions. I agree it is maybe unwise to be seen to be associated or in agreement with the comments made but that may simply not be the case.

It has been suggested to me that I have the account taken down. Up until now of course I’ve never even blocked an account. After some consultation with others the advice has been just to continue to ignore it. The person or people involved may simply feel they have made their point and stop. We will no doubt see. Again thanks to those of you who have expressed concern.    

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