SAY award – Something for the Weekend

SAY awardsIt goes without saying that all awards ceremonies are bollocks as there is no sensible way for votes to be cast. Either  the public vote in which case it is who is best at getting votes using social media or a select jury vote in which case a fair amount of politics will inevitably take place.

What something like this can do though is help raise an artist’s profile and it is a shame that in an attempt to make sure all genres are represented the smaller indie bands with the great albums are often squeezed out. Bottom line however is a great album won last year even if the publicity afterwards was pish poor so until it goes to Emeli Sande and we all demand a recount it should be given another chance.

Quality wise I can hardly complain as 10 of Avalanche’s top 30 for 2012 appear and while it is a bit “last year” for us many of these albums are still good sellers for us. If anything the problem is that it tips off HMV and FOPP to things we sell every month.  

This has to be about reaching new listeners and not simply preaching to the converted and sales will be the judge of that. We have had a good run selling many of these so much as it pains me I have to hope they now sell in large quantities elsewhere be that physically or as a download. So come this weekend spend a little time investigating the albums in the long list and then hope that a select few huddled in a darkened room “do the right thing”. Who would I pick ? No one can ever know. 

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